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"I write because if I don't, my characters will murder me in my sleep."

  • The Caregiver Series The Caregiver Series This crime thriller series follows the story of Scarlett Lang, a hit woman turned Interpol agent sent to pose as caregiver for London's #1 drug lord. But she's no ordinary agent. She has a past that, no matter how fast she runs, keeps catching up with her.
  • At the Corner of Mars and Neptune At the Corner of Mars and Neptune A series of murders. An uncooperative witness, a police detective losing his objectivity and the love story that emerges between them. Could this be the shot at redemption they are both so desperately looking for?
  • A Study on Character Development A Study on Character Development A poem about the relationship between a writer and her character, told from the character's point of view.
  • Jueves de Río Piedras Jueves de Río Piedras Comissioned artwork for Jueves de Río Piedras.
  • A Study on Character Development International Read (Round 1) A Study on Character Development International Read (Round 1) Six actors give their renditions of the poem A Study on Character Development in this montage to be released during the Summer of 2013. Featured countries: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, France, Nigeria, Scotland, and Colombia.


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The Beast (Book 3 of The Caregiever Series)


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The nice people over at Indie Author Land featured an interview about my books.

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About Me

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, where I still live, work, play, and dream of travelling the world. I write the kind of stories I like to read, filled with action, a healthy dose of romance (all we need is love, right?), and murder. Ever since my first short story anthology Four Short Stories by Artistikem I've been publishing my own books via self-publishing -a topic I'm very passionate about, to the point of making it my Masters' thesis subject. I also do graphic and film work.




News & Events

January 21, 2014- Interview featured over at Indie Author Land. Read it here.

January 7, 2014- The Beast (Book 3 of The Caregiver Series) is released.

May 21, 2013- Featured in El Nuevo Día's article Yo Lo Escribo, Yo Lo Publico by Ana Teresa Toro on the subject of self-publishing. Print and Online version.



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